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14th July
What Are the Healthiest Sleeping Positions for Sciatica?

What Are the Healthiest Sleeping Positions for Sciatica?

Sleep is one of the most integral parts of a healthy life. At night, the body resets to prepare for the next day. It also helps to cut down on weight and reduce the risk of illness or disease. With damaged sciatic nerves running down your spine to your hips, lower back, and legs, it might be challenging to get a good night’s sleep. Because pain affects one side of the body, there are a few positions that might help before you visit a chiropractor near LAX.

Sleep On Your Side. Sleeping on your side can take pressure off irritated nerves. Make sure to avoid lying on the injured side of your body. If there is a gap between your waist and the mattress, place a pillow underneath to prevent bending.

  1. Try The Floor

Soft surfaces aren’t best for individuals with sciatica. Sleeping on the floor (use a thin yoga mat) can help keep your spine aligned. Lay in a position that is best suited for your condition and is the most comfortable.

  1. Lie On Your Back with A Pillow Under the Knees

Have you tried lying on your back? Place a thick pillow under your knees to preserve your spinal curve. The position works to evenly distribute the weight across your body and relax your hip flexors. Rest your heels against the mattress once the pillows are beneath your knees.

  1. Place a Towel or Pillow Under Lower Back

Try to limit the gap between your back and the mattress. Placing a towel or thin pillow under your lower back keeps the spine (pelvis) in a neutral place.

Additional Tips to Relieve Pain When Sleeping

  • Visit a chiropractor for sciatica pain relief near LAX. Depending on your condition, we might recommend exercises to alleviate pressure and regain function. In-office procedures like chiropractic adjustments and massage can rid tightness surrounding your muscles.
  • Get rid of your soft mattress! Although you may prefer it, it can re-adjust the alignment of your spine.
  • Choose a firm mattress instead. The best mattress for sciatica is a “medium-firm.” The goal is to support the natural shape of your spine overnight.
  • A body pillow might be effective. It can prevent you from moving around while you sleep.
  • Have you considered yoga? Incorporating a routine can help loosen your muscles and manage nerve pain.
  • Try a warm bath. As you unwind after a long day, the hot water increases circulation and reduces inflammation from sciatica.

Visit A Chiropractor
At Advanced Spine, our elite chiropractors are skilled in treating sciatica. We help patients relieve their worst symptoms in the joint, muscle, or spinal areas. Our team knows how to provide you with the relief you need to get through the day.