Best Sports Medicine in LAX

Get Help From a Sports Doctor in LAX

If you think a chiropractor near LAX is someone to visit and have your neck or back cracked, it's time to reevaluate this popular misconception. A chiropractor specializing in sports medicine takes a holistic

Best Sports Medicine in LAX

approach to the human body. We want to ensure more than just making your head, neck, or back pain go away.

As chiropractors and sports medicine physicians, we want you to minimize your pain so that you can maximize your performance in your sport. We want you to be without pain between regular visits. The purpose of visiting a chiropractor or sports medicine physician is to receive full services so that your injuries or aches and pains don’t affect your performance. If you schedule an appointment with our clinic, you may need adjustments and specialized injections, to manage your health and physical condition. Adjustments take the pressure off of your nerves and eliminate much of your pain. Injections can be used to relieve inflammation of joints, tendons, ligaments, and bursa, to pinpoint sore areas within key muscles, to remove fluid around swollen joints, and to address nerve pain.
Other Benefits of Chiropractic and Sports Medicine
Take it from a sports injury specialist near LAX who has treated thousands of patients with injuries to patients’ joints and soft tissues. An important key to spinal health and readiness for playing sports is to have your physician correct misalignments of the spinal cord and to use different types of injections to address pain, whether your target is nerves or soft tissues. Each approach is designed to help the patient feel better. Honestly, when your nerves aren't pinched, you experience less pain. You also feel like your posture and gait are improved because the spine is straight.

Here are some other ways that a dedicated sports injury specialist near LAX helps athletes and other individuals who are playing sports at the amateur or professional level and perhaps even performing physical activities on the job, such as bending, lifting, and twisting. There's no need for anyone to keep suffering from neck and back pain, swollen joints, or other soft tissue injuries.

Help Your Head, Spine, Joints, and Soft Tissues When Visiting Your Sports Medicine Physician Near LAX
A chiropractor takes at least four years of graduate coursework after college or university to become a licensed physician. This training includes learning how to treat the whole person, also known as integrative health, and he or she can teach you the appropriate stretches you should perform to protect your neck, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine. If you don't start the day with the right exercises, then your specific neck or back complaints could worsen throughout the day. There are even stretches to do in bed to help your spine stay in alignment all day long and ways to adjust how you sleep to prevent pain.

Be Careful How You Stretch Throughout the Day
We've all heard you want to increase your muscle tone, strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and recovery time. It’s a misnomer that exercise, such as ab workouts for relieving back pain, is the best option. You don’t want to make your sports injury or spinal complaint worse with grueling workouts. Instead, try something like injections or adjustments targeted to your needs and then relieve the pain. Ask our sports injury doctor near LAX about other options.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Walk and Stretch Your Legs
Many jobs, including those activities of full-time college students, require extended periods of sitting down on chairs, benches, stools, or the floor. A seated position means your legs are not holding you up or receiving the benefits of regular movements. It’s easy to experience aches and pains in the spine and joints as well as the soft tissues from excessive sitting. Another example is trying to sit and type a report on your laptop computer and getting neck pain because your head is staying in a fixed position for too long. Ask our sports injury specialist near LAX or a chiropractor near LAX how to change your daily movements so you can minimize pain and heal. We want to help you resolve your inflammation and pain complaints and avoid movements that make this situation worse.

Keep Regular Appointments with Your Sports Medicine Physician Near LAX
Before you book your appointment with any other sports injury doctor near LAX, remember that you need a full assessment, diagnostic testing, and a comprehensive treatment plan. We will review your medical history, current sports injury, and symptoms and then build a treatment schedule to help you get back in the game as soon as possible. Keeping regular appointments with our sports doctor will help you make a speedy recovery.


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