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Searching for Long-Term Relief? Try Chiro Therapy 

Elite Chiropractic Services in El SegundoExperiencing chronic pain? You're not alone. Like you, millions of Americans are searching for a treatment with lasting benefits. Chiropractic therapy has played a significant role in helping those suffering find the relief they're looking for through an array of techniques involving physical realignments or spinal adjustments.

Like any patient, you might be wondering if seeing a chiropractor will work for you. At Advanced Spine, we're here to help you live a more health-conscious life. When you book your first appointment at our center, we'll provide you with a free exam to compose the best treatment plan for you.

This article breaks down the advantages of pursuing chiropractic care at our office.

Skilled, Certified Chiropractors

Chiropractic care in El Segundo is primarily known for treating back pain. But a lot of people don't realize chiropractors are trained to address other musculoskeletal injuries as well. After your spine gets realigned by our certified doctor, your body's joints, muscles, and tissue will start reaping the benefits.

Across LA, you'll notice that chiropractors offer a holistic approach to wellness. We move away from dependency on medications and surgical procedures. Your body is strong enough to mend naturally.

Common Injuries That Chiropractic Care Can Address

Studies show sciatica affects between 10 to 40 percent of the American population. This type of injury arises when the sciatic nerve gets inflamed. Patients experience pain from their lower back down to their feet. Chiropractic care can help control and treat pain and nerve issues.

Neck Pain
There are several reasons why neck pain arises. For example, after a car accident, it's common for victims to suffer from whiplash. During impact the head thrusts back and forth rapidly, straining muscles and tissue beyond its normal range. We will get your musculoskeletal system back in place before your neck pain worsens.

Herniated Disc
This type of injury is caused when a disc is pushed out of place into the spinal canal. Though most herniated discs will heal on their own, we want to ensure that patients aren't also suffering from underlying health concerns.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel is associated with many desk jobs, as patients experience nerve damage within their hands and wrist from repetitive motions. With nearly half of the U.S. population working from home, it's best to keep chiropractic therapy in mind. We can provide you with different exercises to treat this pain and prevent future injuries.

Lower Back Pain
When you strain your lower back, you'll start to notice changes in your mobility in addition to increased pain. A chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation will correct the issue with optimal results.

Consultations Are Required Before Treatment

Once you have made an appointment to see our chiropractor for chronic pain, we will perform a consultation before creating a treatment plan that's best suited for you.
What should you expect?

  • We will review your family medical history and examine your injury (medical imaging is optional)
  • We'll provide the best treatment recommendations based on your preferences and health concerns
  • You'll have an opportunity to ask us questions before starting treatments! We want this to be an enjoyable and transformative time for you.

How Does a Chiropractor Adjust Lower Back Pain?

The first thing our licensed chiropractor will ask you is to lie down on a drop table. We may reposition you before we begin manipulating surrounding joints and tissue. Each technique safely pushes your injury beyond its normal range of motion.

It's common to hear slight cracking or popping as we conduct a chiropractic adjustment. We use special instruments and a hands-on approach to target pain directly. Back injuries require more controlled force to reach specific spinal joints. But we can assure you it's a painless procedure. You'll see immediate results such as:

  • Fewer migraines and headaches
  • Improved mobility within the joints
  • Resolved neck and back pain

Ready To Begin Chiropractic Therapy?

If you are searching for the "best chiropractor near me" in one of El Segundo's vibrant coastal communities, give us a call! We guarantee you'll get the most out of therapy at our center. While there's never a wrong time to schedule an appointment for chiropractic adjustments, we always recommend pursuing treatment as soon as you notice changes in your physical health. We also work with your insurance provider and offer liens or "promise of payment" after an accident.

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