Acupuncture Therapy For Pain in LAX

We Offer Acupuncture in LAX For Chronic Pain

Acupuncture was one of the first medical treatments invented by humans. Longevity has been at the center of the human heart for as long as we've existed. While the exact origin and time of this practice is unknown, it is believed to be from China and has been practiced

Acupuncture Therapy For Pain in LAX

since 6,000 BCE. This makes it the oldest medical procedure that is still used today.

Acupuncture didn't start with the needle. It was invented long before it. Today, it is believed to have started from sharpened and carved stone and bones.
Acupuncture was first written about in 100 BCE. Regardless of archeological research and its interpretation, it has been certain that it at least began 100 years before the common era. The treatment was mainly used in the East, particularly China, to treat headaches and pain. Advanced Spine Sports offers a fined tune, specialized acupuncture treatment that can help their patients manage a variety of conditions.
Acupuncture Treatment Near LAX: Advanced Spines Care
It is the belief of the acupuncturist that the body has 14 meridians within it. These meridians are energy channels within the body. The body has 1,000 acupuncture points within it. All of these points are near the nerves that are responsible for producing pain.

How Does It Work?
Acupuncture has been proven to work through the use of endorphins. When the body is injured in any way, endorphins are released in the body. Endorphins are a feel good hormone that's experienced when your favorite team wins their football game, when you go home and see your dog wagging his tail, or win a prize at a carnival. This chemical has a strong effect on countering physical and mental pain.

There are Many Uses of Acupuncture
Acupuncture is one of the most versatile medical procedures when it comes to reducing pain. They are widely used for:

  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Knee Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Respiratory Conditions
  • Anxiety

Best Acupuncture Near LAX To Feel No Pain
Acupuncture is not meant to be painful. If it is painful, the person who is performing it is doing something wrong. When the needles are placed properly, the patient shouldn't feel them at all. Our qualified acupuncturists have been trained to perform this procedure with the utmost comfort.

It's Best to Go to A Chiropractor Near LAX
Those who are undergoing acupuncture can expect to go as long as their conditions persist. While acupuncture is a quality treatment for pain relief, that relief only lasts so long. Sessions may be needed once a month or multiple times. Advanced Spine Sports is an easy distance. This allows you the ability to receive treatment without the drain of moving very far.

Best Acupuncture for Back Pain
Back pain can be caused by sports, anxiety or sitting for a long amount of time. It is a common problem as more people are in sedentary jobs that usually involve staring at a computer. Those who are in businesses and practices that require standing for a long amount of time may also experience back pain. Finding the best acupuncture near LAX can help alleviate this suffering.

What To Expect When You Choose Advanced Spine Sports
The acupuncturist will use small, very small needles to pierce the body in a painless way. This may look intimidating, but people often turn to this procedure because there is no pain that goes along with it.

No! There won't be hundreds of needles in your body! T.V. makes acupuncture look a lot scarier than it is. The acupuncturist typically uses 2 to 8 needles depending on the problem. Acupuncture for back pain near LAX, when done at Advanced Spine Sports, is done by professionals and can guarantee pain relief and comfort.

Is It Impossible for There To Be Pain?
While acupuncture is painless for most, there is a risk for minor pain after the procedure. Acupuncture creates a very small wound, sometimes this wound can become irritated and bruised. The problem is always minor and always goes away within a few days. When you choose quality acupuncture treatment near LAX, you can expect very little, if any pain. It's all about choosing Advanced Spine Sports.

How Long Does It Take?
We need our acupuncture for back pain near LAX to be even more convenient than the location. For acupuncture to have its full effect, the needles need to remain in the body for at least twenty minutes. Considering the time it takes for most medical procedures, this is a quick and effective treatment.

Is It Time for Advanced Spine Sports?
If you're in the Los Angeles area or around it, you've probably looked into the many places around there to find acupuncture treatment.Advanced Spine Sports can promise a quality treatment in a clean office. Our licensed acupuncture specialists will be able to help at your earliest convenience.


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