Acupuncture FAQs

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Acupuncture is about correcting the flow of energy around your body by stimulating the nerve center with needles. While it doesn't go deep, this redirection and intensification of energy flow can impact your endocrinological system as well as your major organs.

Acupuncture FAQs

Acupuncture: What to Know
This therapy has been in use for more than 2500 years around the world. When seeking acupuncture therapy near LAX, be aware that your first session will be a long one. You'll need to be prepared for a long conversation about your health history, your current health regimen, your treatment, and a question and answer session with your therapist.

If you've long suffered from spinal or chronic pain, getting your history in order is a good idea. Sit down with a notebook and create a chronology of your experiences and list out your concerns and questions on a separate page. If you're seeking acupuncture for chronic pain near LAX, map out the areas of your body that suffer the most discomfort and share that with your practitioner. If you've had LAX acupuncture for back pain in the past and feel the need for another session, list any possible injuries or muscular overwork.

Acupuncture: What to Wear
Dress for acupuncture as you would for a visit to the chiropractor near LAX. Loose, comfy loungewear will give your therapist access to the skin that will directly receive the treatment. Review the weather for your acupuncture near LAX session. If it's going to be chilly or rainy, make sure you pack a jacket and a scarf, so you don't get cold after your session.

Acupuncture: Preparations
Make sure that you eat a light meal one or two hours before your treatment. Bring water and strive to stay hydrated in the time leading up to your acupuncture therapy near LAX. Once you arrive for your session, make sure you turn off your phone so you can focus on your therapist, your session and your healing.

If you're a big coffee fan, schedule your acupuncture appointment in the afternoon. Neither coffee or alcohol are a good idea before your treatment. Your therapist will need to check out your tongue and your pulse, both of which can be altered by coffee.

Finally, if you're needle-phobic or extremely ticklish, tell your therapist. Be ready to share all your health history, even the stuff you're not completely comfortable about. This carries over to all other health practitioners as well. Seeking out and working with the chiropractor near LAX and not telling them about an old horseback riding accident because alcohol was involved is a bad decision. Your practitioner is a professional, but they can't help you if you don't completely share information openly.

Acupuncture: During
You may be hurting when you get to your LAX acupuncture for back pain appointment. The time spent on your assessment and pre-exam consultation may feel too long if you're in a lot of pain. However, your therapist will need to get a detailed assessment of your history to provide you with proper treatment.

Once your session begins, be aware that the insertion of the needles is very swift and should be painless, though you may feel a pinch as the needle breaks the skin. If you feel more discomfort than that, let your therapist know.

During your acupuncture near LAX session, which should last around 30 minutes, you may feel cool. If you get cold, your therapist can warm you with a heat lamp. If you're prone to being cold, make sure to wear soft, comfy socks to your treatment.

In the early phases of acupuncture treatments, it's a good idea to avoid looking down at your body. Imagine if you had to have surgery to repair an internal organ. Would you like to be given a local so you can watch, or be knocked out and avoid the whole thing? Don't look.

Acupuncture: Aftercare
You may feel energized and actually tingle after an acupuncture treatment. However, it's critical that you hydrate and rest after your therapy. You might relax in a warm shower before going to bed, as it may warm up your core if you got chilled by the needles during the treatment.

After a session of acupuncture for chronic pain near LAX, you may experience a variety of sensations. Some sufferers actually have 24 hours of more pain before feeling a sudden release. If your pain is relegated to one area of your body, you may find that it travels. For example, if your hip hurts, you may find that this hip pain moves down your thigh to your knee, then travels down your calf before crossing your ankle and releasing at your foot.

Acupuncture: After-effects
Some experience bruising at the injection sites while others suffer from tingling during the treatment and for a couple of days after. Do not schedule anything that takes focus or energy after an acupuncture treatment. Your best bet is to go home, get snuggly warm, and go to bed. You may find that you are tired for a few days after your therapy. Feel free to contact your practitioner and let them know if anything alarming crops up in the few days after your therapy.

Depending on where your therapy was directed, you may experience more frequent urination or bowel movements. This is why water is so key when undergoing acupuncture. Your body will be dealing with massive energy flow changes. By staying hydrated, you will flush out newly released toxins. These toxins are cleared from your body by your kidneys, liver and colon. Eat lightly, make sure you get enough fiber, and drink plenty of water.

Acupuncture therapy may be new in the western world, but this detailed method of directing energy around your body has been in use for a long time. Acupuncture practitioners are highly trained professionals who offer their clients a great way to beat chronic health conditions, spinal pain and chronic, debilitating pain throughout their body.

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