Massage Therapy in Westchester

Benefits of Therapeutic Massages Westchester

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy in WestchesterMassage therapy is a type of therapy where the administrator uses their hands, forearms and elbows to apply varying degrees of pressure on the body. This is done to alleviate stress, reduce tension and loosen up muscles and tissue that have become tight and inflexible over time. There are many different types of massage therapy in Los Angeles. Some common types are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Prenatal and Sports massage. Each of these different styles is used for a variety of different needs and conditions.

What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous. Many people get a massage in Westchester simply to de-stress and remove tension from their body. Others have a condition or physical ailment that benefits from them getting consistent therapy with trained professionals. Athletes get massages to shorten recovery times and loosen up tight ligaments and joints. Even those who experience chronic headaches and migraines report relief from therapeutic massage Westchester.

Are there any negative effects from Massage Therapy?

Deep Tissue massages may leave you sore in certain areas, but the soreness will go away in a day or two. Aside from that, massages generally do not have a negative effect on the body. The benefits are seen almost immediately, though it takes consistent therapy to see sustained improvement in certain conditions. If there is an area of soreness or pain that you are experiencing, telling the therapist before they start is always the best plan of action. They will work around it or even use techniques to alleviate it and loosen up the area. Pain and soreness are why many people seek out massage therapy in Westchester, and therapists are experienced in managing these conditions.

What is Sports Massage?

Massage Therapy in WestchesterSports Massage is a category of massage for athletes, both professional and amateur. The sessions are catered to each individual based on their characteristics as well as the type of sports and activities they participate in. These custom sessions are made to assist the athlete in both preparing for an event as well as recovering from one. Some examples are marathon runners who are training for an event, athletes who need to recover from a recent match or weightlifters who want to decrease the soreness of rebuilding muscles.“I run three times a week, can I benefit from sports massage?” Of course. Sports Massage is not simply for professional athletes. Many amateur runners sign up for Sports Massage in Westchester. There are number of ways it benefits the aspiring runner. First, it helps to prevent injuries by keeping muscles and ligaments loose, so that they are less likely to be pulled when running. Second, it helps people recover from strained and pulled muscles faster, so that they don’t miss their sessions. Lastly, frequent Sports Massages help mitigate sore muscles, so that people can participate in their normal lives with minimal discomfort.

“I have chronic pain in my lower back. Will massage therapy help me?” While massage therapy is not the primary solution to back pain, it can definitely help to reduce and treat it. Oftentimes, the pain is compounded from stress and overworking of certain muscles and joints. Because of this, many people experience reductions in pain from getting a therapeutic massage Westchester. The therapist will work around the areas and help to alleviate the surrounding tissues. Combining this with other proven methods of reducing back pain could offer a substantial improvement in the condition.“What is a hot stone massage?” A hot stone massage is when the therapist places heated stones on certain areas of the body to warm up the muscles and tissue. The reason for this is that these tissues respond much faster to the techniques of the therapist when they are warm. The stones are never too hot to cause discomfort but are the right temperature to create a comfortable and thoroughly relaxing experience. Many patients report not just physical relief but reduced anxiety and stress levels.“I’m not sure which massage is right for me. What should I do?” Our therapists are ready to answer any questions you may have. They will go over all the concerns and problem areas you might have and will work with you to find the right massage package for you.

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