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22nd July
Why Acupuncture Is the Best Tool to Help with Detoxification

Why Acupuncture Is the Best Tool to Help with Detoxification

The popular eastern-influenced treatment is a great way to help patients detoxify! The National Institute of Health (NIH) and World Health Organization (WHO) recognize acupuncture for its ability to heal a wide range of medical conditions. Its clinically practical and helpful approach makes it ideal for recovering individuals.

Acupuncture treated addiction as early as the 70s in China. But, here in the U.S., the first acupuncture detoxification clinic opened at Lincoln Memorial Hospital in 1974 with the help of community activists. Acupuncture became a popular way to treat disorders like alcohol and drug additions. We share those same values of helping patients manage their pain at Advanced Spine.

Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture can successfully curb cravings to control addictions. Participants found this to be a better way to manage withdrawal because the treatment simultaneously relaxes the body and improves sleep patterns, as all acupuncture treatments do. During the procedure, your body releases “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. It’s a natural painkiller in itself.

Acupuncturists can refer to the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol to treat patients by inserting thin needles at different ear points. Each access point offers a separate function to strengthen:

  • Liver – the liver point can create emotional balance by lowering anger and depression. The needle stabilizes mood swings and rids toxins.
  • Kidneys – Alleviates toxins in the kidney from chemical use. The needle purifies blood, relaxes toxins from the body, and lowers insecurity.
  • Lungs – The lungs transfer qi throughout the body. When activated, it heals the immune system, skin, and respiratory system. It also promotes balance and relaxation throughout the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Nervous system – The sympathetic acupuncture point is specific to the nervous system. It calms the part of your nervous system that impacts your fight or flight response.
  • Shen Men – That point is known as the “Spirit Gate.” The needle will control your anxiety and nerves. By keeping the negative emotions at bay, your body will have a positive emotional response.

At our LAX chiropractic, we have a team of acupuncturists with elite expertise providing relief for our patients or helping them heal from chronic pain. During your first appointment, we will discuss your health conditions and treatment options. Acupuncture might be the most significant part of your recovery, and we’re here to ensure you get the support you need!