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5th November
The Price of Living with Chronic Pain

The Price of Living with Chronic Pain

Whether you’re a 40-year-old with persistent migraines, a 20-year-old suffering from a lingering sports injury, or a 70-year-old with bad arthritis, chronic pain can drastically impact your life.

Why wait to resolve it? Taking an active role to promote your wellness will save you time and money in the long run.

Traditionally, aching and soreness have been symptoms that many patients overlook. In the U.S., at least one out of six people actually live with chronic pain, according to WebMD. They tend to believe that it will end or lessen naturally.

That’s not always the case. Chiropractors find that the pain people experience is almost always associated with another condition. Avoiding the warning signs and not getting a proper assessment has a lasting physical and economic impact.

A 2003 study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association found Americans collectively lost over $61.2 billion annually due to pain. Arthritis, backaches, and headaches being the conditions with the highest reports. And most of the time, two injuries were happening simultaneously.

Suppose you feel a stiffness in your neck when you get up in the morning. You might decide to take Advil or Motrin and engage in a few guided physical therapy exercises. But if you have undiagnosed spinal damage, the nerves, muscles, and tendons can worsen as a result. It can lead to other wounds that require a longer time to heal.

At Advanced Spine & Sports, we have a trained eye for identifying how and why the pain emerged before recommending the right treatment plan for you. Instead of depending on drugs that provide temporary relief, we offer a natural approach through acupuncture therapy, massage therapy, PRP injections, and more.

Each is complementary to pre-existing regimens provided by your doctor. To ensure you get the most out of chiropractic care, our specialists will review your medical history and evaluate the extent of your injuries during a consultation.

Helping you find the correct pain management tools is the best way to invest in your health. It will substantially improve your quality of life – call us today to get started!