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28th October
Thaw Your Frozen Shoulder with A Chiropractic Massage!

Thaw Your Frozen Shoulder with A Chiropractic Massage!

A frozen shoulder can make even raising your arm feel excruciatingly painful. If you haven’t already, we recommend visiting a chiropractor near LAX to begin massage therapy! Massages are a therapeutic practice used to target and address various health concerns. It reduces stress, relieves tension, and promotes overall wellness.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

A frozen shoulder can happen at any time, from underlying shoulder diseases to overuse. The injury itself is caused by inflammation of connective tissue surrounding the joint. As symptoms progress the humeral head (ball) and socket (glenoid) stop working. You’re likely to have limited arm mobility as the surrounding tissue tightens. It’s not uncommon for scar tissue or adhesions to form, furthering the damage.

The Best Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Massage therapy is the best treatment for frozen shoulder pain! A skilled chiropractor may combine massage with soft tissue mobilization to loosen tight muscles. Guided therapy will also boost blood flow to alleviate any joint stiffness and muscle pain.

Without chiropractic care, your shoulder will naturally begin “thawing” between 6 months to 2 years, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Our specialists can speed up your recovery time and ensure the injury doesn’t worsen to cause permanent shoulder pain, complete loss of mobility, and restricted range of motion.

Avoid Home Exercises to Thaw a Frozen Shoulder

It’s hard to be sure if you have a frozen shoulder without a professional diagnosis. Avoid at-home exercises until you’ve seen a chiropractor. Doing the wrong one actually can trigger the damage and make your shoulder worse.

At Advanced Spine, we might pair massage therapy with spinal manipulation or physical therapy for severe injury. If the tightness in your shoulder is affecting surrounding muscles and causing throwing your spinal vertebrae out of alignment, spinal manipulation might be the best solution for you. It offers a hands-on approach similar to massage therapy.

Physical therapy is another rehabilitative practice that primarily helps loosen the shoulder joint. You’ll take part in guided exercises in the office that you might also be able to perform at home between visits.

If you’d like to learn more about therapeutic massages near LAX or other chiropractic services to cure your shoulder pain, give us a call!