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16th September
Put an End to Carpal Tunnel Pain with Acupuncture

Put an End to Carpal Tunnel Pain with Acupuncture

Carpal tunnel pain is fairly common. It is caused by any activity that demands frequent and repetitive hand movements like driving, texting, exercising, or jobs with excessive handwork. Acupuncture for chronic pain near LAX is a great solution to keep the symptoms at bay.

Acupuncture therapy is a widely practiced and traditional approach to healing. In recent studies, researchers have found acupuncture to reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel by reconfiguring how the brain interprets pain. After each session, you should expect to see an immediate change in hand and wrist pain.

Dr. Vitaly Napadow is the director of the Center for Integrative Pain Neuroimaging. He shared his insight into the effectiveness of acupuncture on carpal tunnel pain with Healthline. Dr. Napadow provided each participant with 16 treatments over eight weeks. Those who received acupuncture directly in their wrist showed promising physiological changes in the brain compared to those who received therapy near their ankle.

During acupuncture the body sends signals to the brain indicating when the needle punctures through your skin. As you start feeling a dull ache or tingling sensation, the brain shifts its focus from the wrist. Blood flow increases near the site of insertion. It’s not uncommon for patients to see a slight discoloration once the treatment is over.

Unfortunately patients often wait until they’re symptomatic or have exhausted all other treatments to begin therapy. Avoid relying on medications or invasive surgical procedures. Instead, turn to our skilled team of acupuncturists at Advanced Spine to resolve diagnosed and undiagnosed injuries.

This study is not the first time that acupuncture has been praised for its holistic benefits of healing chronic pain and nerve damage. Even if you’re not at an increased risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, acupuncture is an affordable, relaxing way to help you feel balanced and stress-free. Call 310.943.3451 to book your appointment at our LAX chiropractic center!