4th November
Preventing Sports Injuries

Preventing Sports Injuries


Although exercising is a healthy lifestyle encouraged by healthcare practitioners for all ages, taking precautionary measures is essential. The occurrence of sports-related injuries is common among children, especially in the absence of evidence-based preventive measures. A Stanford Children Health report indicates that more than 3 million children are injured while partaking in organized sports. Furthermore, a study conducted in 2016 showed that more than 8.6 million kids and adults below 24 years suffered sports-related injuries, where men were more susceptible to injuries.

Other studies indicate the prevention of injuries during games in adults and children led to a significant reduction in work and school absenteeism. According to our LAX sports injury doctor, unless damages are prevented, there would be a marked rise in obesity cases and negative implications on future well-being. Sports injuries, especially in childhood, can adversely affect a person’s health in the future. Henceforth, here are the best recommendations from our chiropractor near LAX.

Get regular physical examinations.
It would be best if you planned a thorough physical examination when preparing to start playing again. A visit to our chiropractor near LAX will enable you to intercept injuries and assess the status to avoid further injuries when engaging in physical activity. Additionally, professionals can visit our sports medicine for athletes near LAX to examine their flexibility, body strength and intercept any undiagnosed incapacitating illnesses.

Wear protective equipment.
Since numerous studies on contact sports indicate a reduction in injuries using protective gear, our sports doctor near LAX recommends that you wear them. Additionally, you should ensure equipment, such as helmets, are in the best condition to offer the maximum protection. Furthermore, our sports doctor near LAX advises athletes diagnosed with skin-related diseases to apply sunscreen to avoid predisposing themselves to health hazards.

Use proper technique.
You can plan with experts from sports medicine for athletes near LAX to adopt the right sports technique for speedy recoveries and avoid injuries. For instance, the combination of a coach and an LAX sports injury doctor would help football players avoid tackles that increase concussions. Therefore, to reduce sports-related injuries, players should adhere to the guidelines, and coaches should embrace policy changes and rules.

Warming up and taking breaks.
Experts from sports medicine near LAX recommend that you avoid getting into the field without warming up. Our sports medicine near LAX will offer you insight into stretching exercises that would significantly improve your muscles’ performance and reduce injury. You should develop a plan that targets flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular exercises outside your sports range. Our experts recommend that you take breaks after workouts to reduce fatigue and allow your body to recuperate.

Healthy lifestyle.
Whenever you plan to go for an outdoor activity, ensure you wear clothes that match the prevailing weather condition to ensure you are comfortable. You should wear clothing that does not affect your movement or breathing to avoid suffering from sports-related injuries. Additionally, you should maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated to prevent developing heat strokes or dehydration. A healthy diet that includes carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and proteins would provide you with energy to exercise.