16th July

How Long Should You Attend Physical Therapy?


Physical therapy is useful in the management of conditions with chronic pain, such as back and neck pains. It also helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness as a result of injury or conditions that affect the nervous system and improves mobility. It is also useful in managing the physical changes associated with stroke.

A study showed that physical therapy reduced the overall cost of treatment in patients with back pain by 50% for patients that attend the sessions after completing primary care. The number of people in need of making “best physical therapists near me” searches on their phone increases every year. You can access physical therapy near LAX where professional physical therapists can help you get healthy again.

How long should physical therapy take?
Physical therapy usually takes, however long it needs for you to achieve your physical therapy goals. According to professional physical therapists near LAX, how long your physical therapy takes will be determined by how severe your injury is, and the progress you are making. The progress you make can be seen in terms of reduced pain, improvement in strength, function, and range of motion.

The period of physical therapy for auto accidents near LAX is usually different because people have different healing rates and different physical therapy goals. Physical therapists near LAX can send you home with a home exercise program after two to three physical therapy sessions if you have minor injuries. They will then need you to return for weekly follow-up appointments to see the progress you have made.   

Physical therapy for auto accidents near LAX could last six to eight weeks if you have soft tissue injuries or two to three months if your accident gave you a severe condition. Soft tissues take six to eight weeks to heal completely, while chronic conditions take longer. A session on physical therapy near LAX usually lasts about 30 to 90 minutes. You are likely to finish physical therapy early if your sessions take 60 minutes compared to a person whose sessions last 30 minutes. Similarly, if surgery was done on your injury, your physical therapy will last longer than a patient whose injury did not need surgical intervention.

When you search “best physical therapists near me,” you want to find a physical therapist that can make sure you achieve your goals as soon as possible. However, physical therapy needs a lot of patience because you might not see any progress after just three sessions, especially if you have a severe injury. The physical therapist usually designs a plan that is unique to the goals and state of condition of the patient. The plan will determine the frequency and length of your sessions every week. The more you progress, the less frequent your sessions will get.

Your physical therapist is also responsible for giving you nutritional advice that goes hand in hand with physical therapy for you to make progress. You will be advised to have a balanced diet, get enough sleep of at least eight hours, and avoid the use of drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. Drugs of abuse deprive your body of essential nutrients that your body needs to heal, thus prolonging your physical therapy. Contact our chiropractor near LAX today!