23rd July

How to Do Squats Without Destroying Your Back


Leg workout is an important part of your whole body workout regimen. However, most people associate leg exercise and back pain. If you engage in squats but your position is off, you will feel the pain in your glutes, calves, quads, and mostly in your back.

You can seek back pain treatment near LAX, but it is better to avoid back pain before it occurs. If back pain becomes serious to a point where you have to seek spinal decompression near LAX, you might be out of the gym for a very long time.

Why are you feeling back pain after squats?
If you have consistent back pain, you need to see a spinal decompression chiropractor near LAX for treatment. Before that, however, understand how squats occur. When you descend, you flex your hips and knees, and when you come back up, you extend the hips and knees.

When you descend, your hamstrings shorten at the knee joint and lengthen at the hip joint. While at it, your upper body muscles tighten, allowing you to maintain an upright torso, keeping your back straight.

If your form is off, you will end up with a hunched or rounded back and end up feeling back pain. To perform squats the right way, you need to maintain full-body tension from the abs, upper body, glutes, and other muscles.

If you already feel back pain, seek spinal decompression near LAX before hitting the gym. This will ensure you do not exacerbate the situation.

Assume the Right Feet Position
If your abs and lats do not fire up when you squat, you might end up with the incorrect back form and this will cause back pain. Your feet also determine how your back feels after the squats. If the feet turn at an angle, they make your knees and hips susceptible to injury. The wrong feet position places so much pressure on your arches, which might collapse and hurt your form which consequently hurts your back. 

Know How Deep To Go
Going too deep is not always advisable if it puts your back in danger. Going too deep, especially when you are carrying weights, is not for everyone. It can put so much strain on your back, your knees, and your hips. Start with the weights and depth you can handle and then proceed gradually, adding weight and depth.

For instance, if you choose to do barbell back squats, you put a lot of strain on your spine, and this can cause a lot of back pain if you go too heavy the first time.

Prevent Back Pain and Seek Help
Start your squats with a less aggressive squat routine. You can do weightless squats and add weights gradually to build up your muscles before loading up. Keep your feet facing forward and tighten your abs and back muscles to keep your back straight. If you feel something is off, visit a spinal decompression chiropractor near LAX before the condition worsens. Seeking back pain treatment near LAX early will help you get back to the gym fast.

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