13th February
Acupuncture for Stress and Weight Gain?

Acupuncture for Stress and Weight Gain?


Stress is a constant in our world. Managing it can be challenging, and too much stress will increase your cortisol production. While some cortisol is necessary, too much can cause your body to prepare for dangerous conditions. One of the symptoms is weight gain.

Stress = Pressure

When you’re stressed, you feel pressured to meet certain deadlines or solve certain problems. Uncertainty will push your body into a state of cortisol production, amping up to defend against some sort of insecurity. 

Since many of us don’t face food insecurity, the stress weight only adds to our stress level and can create pain in our spine and lower body. If seeking acupuncture for chronic pain near LAX, or if you need help with stress, acupuncture therapy near LAX can help.

Cortisol and Acupuncture

Because stress boosts your cortisol output, getting acupuncture for anxiety can reduce your cortisol production. This release is viewed differently by practitioners of acupuncture near LAX; instead of lowering cortisol production as targeted by wester practitioners, those who provide LAX acupuncture for back pain know that acupuncture balances blood flow and energy levels.

Pain, Focus, and Stress

If you struggle with chronic pain, a chiropractor near LAX can help you break the distraction cycle of pain and stress. 

Chronic pain also means chronic distraction. The inability to focus can increase the pressure you live under, boosting cortisol levels and your weight over time. A chiropractor near LAX or practitioner of acupuncture near LAX can help you get pain under control.

Tension and Muscle Pain

One of the benefits of acupuncture therapy near LAX is that it can reduce a general state of muscular tension, which can lead to pain. Even if your pain isn’t caused by a structural spinal problem, LAX acupuncture for back pain can still help you get on top of the discomfort, headaches and irritability caused by tension.

If stress can be related to pressure, tension can be compared to a clamp or a pin. Stress is the weight you have to lug around all the time. Tension is the clip or paint point where the labors of life really clamp down.

Overcoming Stress and Pain

If stress has you weighed down, pain may have you locked in place. Whether you’re seeking acupuncture for chronic pain near LAX or need it to better help you manage the pressure that life is putting on you, sessions with a licensed acupuncturist to get on top of whatever condition is limiting your life is an excellent decision.

Stress, anxiety, and tension can all limit your life. If you have a lot to do and you’re exhausted, you have too much stress. If boosts of increased stress cause you to tighten your neck or jaw, tension is damaging your life. If your burden is high and your brain won’t shut down to allow you to sleep or work through problems, consider acupuncture for anxiety.