6th February
6 Reasons Why ALL Athletes Should Get Massages Regularly

6 Reasons Why ALL Athletes Should Get Massages Regularly


All athletes are concerned with their performance. They work out on a regular basis and maintain specialized diets. Apart from diet and training, one other key to a great sports performance is getting regular massages that soothe your muscles.

Enhances Your Range of Motion (ROM)

Massage therapy near LAX can do wonders for enhancing your ROM, also known as range of motion. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it refers to the range that your muscle can move through. Over time, muscles that are overworked will get restrictions that will reduce their ROM. Luckily, massages near LAX can easily break up those adhesions and open up an athlete’s ROM.

Lower Body Inflammation

Therapeutic massages near LAX are perfect for lowering the amount of inflammation that a body experiences. All athletes know that regular workouts and practice can take a toll on their muscles. As the muscles heal to grow back stronger, they become inflamed. Massage therapy for back pain is a great way to encourage the free flow of blood throughout the body to decrease inflammation.

Reduces Pain

Any chiropractor near LAX can attest to the fact that a lot of pain felt in the body is due to inflammation. As you just learned, massage therapy near LAX is perfect for reducing inflammation. Therefore, by reducing inflammation, massages near LAX have the second benefit of reducing bodily pain for the athlete. When a person experiences less pain, they’re more willing to give it their all in a physical sense.

Protects Against Injury

Therapeutic massages near LAX are perfect for preventing injuries in top-performing athletes. These individuals tend to use many of the same muscles in a repetitive fashion. When overused, these muscles can get tight. Without adequate attention given to release the muscle, the athlete can easily be injured from over-stretching of the muscle.

Provides Relaxation For The Body

Massage therapy for back pain is a great way to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the sector of your body’s nervous system that encourages relaxation. When an athlete is able to relax, their muscles relax, and the stress that they have both mentally and physically releases. Sports experts know that focus is the key to any good performance. When an athlete experiences the relaxation that comes along with a good massage, it encourages their ability to focus.

Boosts Performance

As you’ve likely heard from your chiropractor near LAX, massage therapy is great for boosting athletic performance. This last benefit is a result of a combination of all the other benefits that we listed out above. A massage provides an athlete with an enhanced ROM, relaxed body and mind, less pain and inflammation, and prepares that athlete from having future injuries.

Hopefully, you’ve come to discover just how beneficial massages can be to your athletic performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro football player or a local gymnast. Massage therapy can be a great attribute to add to your performance-enhancing strategy.