Tips for Preventing Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis typically stems osteoarthritis and/or degenerative changes in the spine and results in narrowing of the spaces through the spinal cord. Because the nerves and the spinal cord are so sensitive and fragile, when they come in contact with other bones, patients often reap the consequences of the painful symptoms.

Many people who suffer from spinal stenosis are typically

Tips for Preventing Spinal Stenosis

older or they have been diagnosed due to serious trauma, such as an accident of some sort.

Is Spinal Stenosis Preventable?
Overtime, developing arthritis or some type of spinal changes is inevitable as it can come with age whether we like it or not. Many patients ask, “How can we prevent spinal stenosis?” Well, the truth is that with age, there is no absolute guarantee that it is preventable; however, there are ways to reduce the risk of developing it.

In order for one to reduce the risk of spinal stenosis, it is imperative that you partake in daily and weekly habits to maintain your overall health. Each good habit that you incorporate into your daily routine can go a long way and can certainly contribute to your overall health. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Exercise: Exercise is one thing that everyone should try to incorporate in their daily activities, whether it is walking, jogging, lifting weights, or whatever the case may be. Exercise can take you a long way, physically and mentally. This can help your health concerns exponentially, which contributes to your endurance, flexibility, and more. By remaining active, this can help reduce the risk of arthritis and spinal stenosis. However, if exercise is too much for you and you are experiencing pain or other symptoms, then you should consult with a doctor or physical therapist for other options. There is a chance that you may already have spinal stenosis without realizing it. You should never over-exert your body. Always monitor your response to exercise, such as pain, weakness, and more. As long as you identify a level that works for you, you can safely continue the activity. There are plenty of options, such as cycling, swimming, and more.

  1. Stretch: Stretching can alleviate your pain and stiffness, which will then result in a reduction in your range of motion, which is a common symptom of spinal stenosis. By keeping up with your flexibility training, this can help exponentially. Overall, stretching improves your overall mobility, which is very important. Since we focus on spinal decompression Westchester and it is our specialty, you can give us a call and we can recommend exercises that may work well for you.
  2. Posture: The importance of good posture can work wonders for you. It is so important to sit with good posture and perform your daily tasks and chores with good posture to avoid injuries to your back that can result in spinal stenosis. For instance, things as simple as lifting heavy objects or gardening can bring on wear and tear to your back if you do not have good posture while doing it.
  3. Manage Your Weight: By maintaining a normal healthy weight, this can help you from developing spinal stenosis or prevent it from bothering you. If you are carrying extra body weight, this puts a serious amount of pressure on your spine and joints.
  4. Quit Smoking: Smoking is associated with back pain and can restrict the blood vessels that feed your spine. In addition, it can increase your overall pain exponentially.

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