5 Massage Therapies That Can Improve Your Mental Wellness

When you want to find a way to improve your health and well-being, you could talk to your doctor about his or her recommended combination of traditional medications and corrective procedures or you could consult with a doctor specializing in complementary and alternative health, such as a chiropractor. The latter choice means that you won't be putting any medicine in

5 Massage Therapies That Can Improve Your Mental Wellness

your body and will use non-invasive approaches to improving mental and physical health. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), there were 46.6 million adults suffering from mental health conditions in 2017. Surprisingly, many chiropractors and other healthcare providers are now recommending massage therapy to benefit patients mentally, especially the types that we explain below. The mental effects of massage therapy can help you to deal with living in a fast-paced society that is overrun with stress. Our sports medicine practice offers these forms of massage therapy near LAX:

1. Swedish Massage Therapy
We recommend that our patients try this most popular form of massage because it is widely known in the United States. A therapist will use his or her hands, and sometimes elbows or feet, to perform long smooth strokes in circular motions around the body. This form of therapy facilitates a better flow of blood in the body's soft tissues, including the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin. Therapists may also use lotion to reach the superficial layers of your skin. Some patients consider this to be soothing as the therapist kneads the body in combination with a pleasant oil or lotion.

2. Aromatherapy Massage
When you visit our office offering chiropractic massage near LAX, the therapist will combine the traditional massage techniques with the use of fragrant plant oils. Each essential oil is targeted to the patient's needs. These oils can help with stress reduction, balancing your energy, relaxing your body, giving you more energy, and other beneficial effects. You may have allergies to some essential oils, so it's important to discuss any with the therapist at the onset of the session. People who need a massage to relieve a condition with stress or emotional difficulty may prefer this form of therapy. They can also seek adjustments for nerve pain and neck/back inflammation at our chiropractor near LAX.

3. Hot Stone Massage
In a massage therapy near LAX session, a patient may have certain parts of the body affected by energy blockages or soreness. You can rely on the massage therapist to apply hot, smooth stones to these points, which will loosen constricted muscles in that area and restore energy balance to the whole body. During therapeutic massage near LAX, if the practitioner holds a stone in place with gentle pressure, then you can expect to receive a therapeutic effect at that site. If you prefer lighter massage, but need to relieve sore muscles, hot stone therapy is a good choice.

4. Shiatsu
Each massage therapy technique originates in a different part of the ancient world. The Shiatsu discipline comes from Japan, and it requires a therapist to apply finger pressure at specific points. The therapist targets the acupuncture meridians of the body in a rhythmic order. His or her fingertips will remain on each point for two to eight seconds, and then the flow of energy gets restored to the body parts along that meridian. While this form of massage includes firm pressure, the patient will not experience any discomfort after the session. Consult with your chiropractor near LAX for the type of therapy that best fits your condition.

5. Thai Massage
This type of chiropractic massage near LAX derives from Thailand and resembles many elements of Shiatsu, and it is intended to realign the energies along the acupuncture meridians. A therapist also uses gentle pressure, but may also use stretches and compressions. Expect that the therapist will ask you to complete a series of postures, which are very similar to yoga, but the efforts will not be physically exerting to your body. You might find this type of massage to give you more energy. Through therapeutic massage near LAX, you can let go of stress and achieve a greater range of motion in the limbs and joints by completing these postures.

The mental and physical effects of therapeutic massage can make it easier to manage your busy lifestyle and deal with the pain and discomfort of many medical conditions. Make an appointment for massage therapy near LAX by contacting us today.