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17th November
Your Body Might Be Trying to Warn You About Nutrient Deficiencies

Your Body Might Be Trying to Warn You About Nutrient Deficiencies

It can be a challenge to keep up with proper weight loss management between counting your calories and monitoring your water intake. While eating healthy is great, it doesn’t benefit you if it lacks the right nutrients. When your body has nutritional deficiencies, it can cause problems with digestion, skin and lead to diseases like cancer.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 10% of the population has a deficiency varying by age, gender, and race. There are several reasons why the body rejects nutrient retention. It could be a side effect from a medication you’re taking or other underlying health concerns outside of consuming unhealthy foods.

In this week’s blog, we’re sharing the most common nutrient deficiencies and how they might affect you during your weight loss journey.

Vitamin A 
Not getting enough of this nutrient can drastically alter your eyesight, brain function, immune system, and bodily function. Vitamin A is full of antioxidants found in veggies like spinach, carrots, and peppers.

Vitamin B12
Are you lacking in B12? It is likely to change your blood cell production and brain health. Because the body is unable to produce it naturally, consume proteins from meat and eggs. There are capsule supplements available as well.

Anemia, fatigue, and weak immune systems are linked to low iron. It is vital in making red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. You can find it in beans, seafood, red meats, and leafy green veggies.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency affects over 1 billion people worldwide. According to studies, over 40% of adults in the U.S. struggle with this poor nutrition habit. Without it, it can cause weakness, promote extreme bone loss, and make you prone to getting sick.

Magnesium is also ideal for proper bone health. It boosts energy, promotes muscle recovery and heart health! Primarily found in grains, dark greens, and nuts.

Searching for the “best chiropractor near me”? Look no further. If you feel that the pain or ailments you’re experiencing are directly related to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, you should reach out to our weight loss experts at Advanced Spine. We’re here to help you learn more about proper weight management and enhance your overall health!