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11th January
PRP Injections for Bicep Tendonitis

PRP Injections for Bicep Tendonitis


With certain injuries the recovery time might be weeks, even months post-diagnosis. If you have an active job or enjoy recreational sports this can put a strain in your life. PRP injections are a great and rapid way to treat torn or injured tendons. It gives you instant relief by directly targeting the pain!

If you’re in your mid-20’s or nearing 40, you’re at high risk of suffering from bicep tendonitis. Bicep tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons around the muscle. Though it may not seem so, it is a common injury our chiropractors and sports medicine specialists treat. Older adults are also susceptible to experiencing symptoms as shoulder tendons break down and weaken over time.

Moving your arm or lifting the simplest items will start to feel more difficult as the injury progresses. Healthy tendons allow for unrestricted movement. Without them, lifting objections above your head and moving about wouldn’t be possible. There are several warning signs to look out for, including:

  • Swelling of the rotator cuff
  • Having trouble putting on clothes or performing simple tasks
  • Sudden bruising and swelling of the skin; dark red in color
  • Persistent shoulder dislocation

At Advanced Spine, our primary concern is ensuring that you get the treatment needed to repair the injury. If you’re feeling extreme pain, it’s best to turn to a chiropractor. After running standard tests to identify the exact location of your discomfort, we can begin performing the best treatment regimen. PRP injections are a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. We use your blood to create a healing serum to naturally repair the damaged tissues in a short amount of time. You can wave chronic pain goodbye naturally – with long-lasting results.

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