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17th December
Is It Safe for Kids to See a Chiropractor?

Is It Safe for Kids to See a Chiropractor?

Parents want the best for their kids. However, when it comes to finding the best treatment for chronic pain, it can be quite a challenge choosing between traditional medicine and chiropractic care. Pediatric chiro is gaining popularity across the U.S. While we primarily treat adults at Advanced Spine & Sports, we’re here to address your questions to help support your decision.

What Age Is the Right Age?

It’s nearly impossible to foresee when an accident or injury will happen – especially among adolescents. That can make it more difficult to gauge what age is most appropriate to benefit from chiropractic care. Over the years studies have shown the following:

  • Parents have considered visiting a pediatric chiropractor for their infants. Preferably babies with trouble sleeping, latching on, or experiencing colic.
  • Toddlers are recommended for medical concerns including behavioral changes, developmental delays, ear pain, stunted growth.
  • Elementary school kids experiencing anxiety, behavioral issues, slowed development, imbalanced limb development, and hyperactivity will see results from treatment.
  • Best suited for teens with growing pains, headaches, sports injuries, and anxiety.

The treatments offered vary between adults and minors, though both are centered on the alignment of one’s nerves, neck, and spine. Anytime either is misaligned or damaged, it causes pain, limited function, or anxiety. It might even turn into a long-term condition if left untreated, hindering the growth of a child and teen.

A chiropractor would use a different method to treat kids compared to adults. Not only are they much smaller, but most of their joints are not fully formed just yet. The treatment goal is to increase flexibility, blood flow and speed the healing process. We can assure you that it is completely safe.

There is no pain associated with any of our treatments. Each is performed by a skilled and board-certified chiropractor. We implement a range of relaxing techniques that help our patients feel at ease. For more information, you can call our offices.