Pain Relief For Disc Herniation Near LAX

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Chronic pain can have a serious impact on your quality of life. Lower neck and back pain can be especially debilitating. If medical treatment has not gotten rid of the pain, then you should try a new approach.

Pain Relief For Disc Herniation Near LAX

Undergoing spinal decompression therapy may help you overcome the pain. Only a qualified spinal decompression chiropractor near LAX can provide you the treatment and solution you need.

The Nature and Effect of a Herniated Disc
What are commonly referred to as discs are a series of rubbery cushions stacked along your spine. They are composed of soft inner tissue and hard outer rings. If the inner part tears through the outer part, then you will have a condition known as a slipped or herniated disc. It is a condition that will cause you tremendous pain. It will also irritate nerves near the spine, causing numbness and weakness in your arms and legs.

A herniated disc can also cause sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, and it starts in the lower back. If pressure is put on your sciatic nerve from a herniated disc, it will cause problems with your legs and feet.

Spinal Decompression Therapy
Spinal decompression near LAX therapy is a form of chiropractic medicine. The latter used to be viewed with suspicion by the practitioners of conventional medicine. But now many mainstream doctors have come to understand the health benefits of chiropractic. The field itself has grown and matured over the years. Although chiropractic is based on ancient Chinese medicine, it has in recent years been developed along more scientific lines.

Spinal decompression is a kind of traction therapy that is applied to the spine. It has the following healing effects:

-Promotes the repositioning of the herniated disc
-Lowers the pressure on the disc
-Causes an influx of healing nutrients into the disc

A successful treatment will change the position of the spine, taking the pressure off your spinal discs and removing the pressure from your nerves. Spinal decompression therapy is a safe and effective alternative to surgery.

What You Should Expect During the Procedure
You will be able to keep all your clothing on during the procedure. The chiropractor will place a harness around your pelvis. You will need to lie down on your stomach or back. The chiropractic physician will then use a computer to stretch your spine. If you have problems with your neck, then your head will be attached to a cervical unit. A high-tech traction device will carry out the same kind of gentle stretching, under the control of the chiropractor.

You will need to undergo 20 to 28 spinal decompression near LAX treatments. Each treatment will take 15-20 minutes.

The Surgical Option
Most herniated discs can be corrected without surgery. Indeed, you should avoid surgery if you can. It is the most invasive option. If you allow doctors to open you up and relieve the pressure manually, there is a risk that something will go wrong and that you may end up with even more problems. But even if you are operated on by an expert and skilful hand, you will face a long recovery time. Such an extended convalescence can put you in serious financial difficulties. There is also the cost of the surgery itself and the medications you will need to take afterward.

The 5 Most Common Types of Surgery for a Herniated Disc include:

-Laminectomy: the surgeon lengthens the size of the spinal canal by removing part of the bony arch
-Diskectomy: the surgeon relieves the pressure by removing part of the disc
-Corpectomy: the surgeon removes the ruptured disc
-Foraminotomy: the surgeon removes bone and tissue to expand nerve roots
-Osteophyte removal: the surgeon removes growths at the root of the problem

As you can see, all these options involve the removal of parts of your body. And it may take some time for your body to recover from the shock of any one of these invasive procedures. You should only consider the surgical option if nothing else has worked.

Why You Should Trust Chiropractic Medicine
A spinal decompression chiropractor near LAX can provide you the treatment you need to get better. Modern chiropractors are well-educated and highly trained professionals. Chiropractic is now regulated in most states, and you should only work with a chiropractor spinal decompression near LAX who is licensed.

A chiropractor spinal decompression near LAX professional will possess the knowledge, insight, and technology to help relieve your pain and symptoms. Spinal decompression is an effective treatment. It is a non-surgical solution that has helped a great many patients. You need not go on with your suffering and discomfort. A chiropractor near LAX can bring you peace.

If you have been crippled by the pain of a herniated disc, then you should contact a chiropractor near LAX to get your options

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