Different Types of Physical Therapy

Are those aches and pains in your body feeling worse than usual? Then you are probably asking yourself, “Where can I find a chiropractor near LAX? Where can I go for physical therapy near LAX?” Or perhaps you’ve had the ill fortune to injure yourself in a car crash, in which case you might be looking for physical therapy for auto accidents near LAX. As you search the internet

Different Types of Physical Therapy

for the best physical therapists near me, it is also a good idea to learn a bit about the different types of physical therapy. That way, you will be well informed in your hunt for the best physical therapists near LAX.

There are six different types of physical therapy. This guide will help you understand each type, and decide the kind of care you need as you look for physical therapy near LAX.

Importance of Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy
As its name suggests, this type of physical therapy is designed to help children, from babies to adolescents. As the human body develops, it is susceptible to a number of ailments commonly known as “growing pains.” One common problem is that children’s bones often grow before their muscles can catch up, which often results in considerable pain. This is a natural part of growing up, but it can be helped with the expertise of a physical therapist. There are special techniques therapists and chiropractors use on children to help them with their physical development. By strengthening key muscles and even bones themselves, children can adjust more comfortably to their growth spurts.

Geriatric Physical Therapy
Just as young people are often in need of special care, so too do senior citizens benefit from unique branches of expertise. As we all know, getting older comes with serious changes to the human body, many of which can be painful or lead to a decrease in quality of life. Muscles tend to weaken, and all sorts of activities are accompanied by intensified aches and pains. Geriatric physical therapy helps older adults strengthen important muscles to decrease pain and allow for greater mobility. It also involves the teaching of postures and walking techniques that will improve well-being and lessen the risk of future injuries.

Vestibular Rehabilitation
The human body is incredibly complicated. An excellent example of its complexity is the fact that, contrary to what might initially make sense, the inner ear is responsible for maintaining our ability to balance. Diseases like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can make people dizzy and increase the risk of falling. Not only is vertigo unpleasant, but it is also incredibly debilitating. The onset of such a condition can have major consequences in a person’s life. Vestibular rehabilitation works to strengthen key muscles and increase a person’s ability to balance. The results often go a long way to helping someone with vertigo overcome their trouble staying physically centered.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy
This is the branch of physical therapy that helps those who have lost muscle strength, often through injury. If you are looking for physical therapy for auto accidents near LAX, then this is likely the type of care you need. While an injury itself can be damaging to muscles, it is often the recovery period that exacts a more serious toll. Weeks, months, or years of inactivity as a person recovers from surgery often leave important muscles partially or entirely atrophied. Orthopedic physical therapy involves the use of targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles that have been weakened and give a person the mobility they use to enjoy.

Neurological Physical Therapy
The brain and the spine are especially important parts of the human body, so it is not surprising that their recovery requires a special brand of physical therapy. Brain and spinal cord injuries, as well as neurological diseases like stroke, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s, can all benefit from the work of a neurological physical therapist. Many of these issues are chronic and lack a definitive cure, but that doesn’t mean therapy can’t do a world of good. Certain exercises can help mobility and muscle strength in the face of neurological issues. A patient’s improved physical condition in turn gives them a better quality of life, helping them deal with the debilitating effects of their neurological disorder.

Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Physical Therapy
This kind of physical therapy is not as common as the others, but it can be a huge benefit to people suffering from cardiovascular or pulmonary issues. Heart or lung diseases, from heart attacks to circulation issues, are a major impediment to many patients living healthy, active lives. Cardiovascular/pulmonary physical therapy seems to mitigate the devastating consequences of these diseases and give patients the best possible quality of life. Victims of heart attacks or pulmonary fibrosis cannot have their ailments healed by a physical therapist, but they can practice exercises that will increase their muscle mass and mobility. The strengthening of key muscles can help those with troubled hearts and lungs build greater endurance, allowing them to engage in strenuous or challenging activities in which they otherwise would not be able to participate. Anyone struggling to regain their mobility after diagnosis with a cardiovascular or pulmonary ailment would be well advised to wonder, "Who are the best physical therapists near me?"

So there you have it, the six different types of physical therapy. Now that you know a bit more about the types of therapy offered, you can make an informed decision as you look for a chiropractor near LAX. Whatever type of physical therapy you need, you will be sure to benefit from a visit to one of the physical therapists near LAX.

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