Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

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Your spinal cord is a major component of your central nervous system, along with your brain and your cranial nerves. Your brain thinks, your cranial nerves see and hear, and your spinal cord moves your extremities and provides you with a sense of touch. Your spinal column is a series of bones, starting small and getting bigger, that protect the

Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

spinal cord. In the event of a misplacement or any damage to the spinal column, your nerves can be impacted. The result can include numbness, pain, itching or tingling of the extremities. You may also suffer from back pain.
Spinal Manipulation as Therapy

When you "throw your back out," the result is pain. You likely have seized or spasming muscles in your low back and may have a pinching pain when you try to move. The first step in spinal manipulation is to take bone pressure off the nerves branching off the spinal cord.

It's important to note that medications such as muscle relaxers can help you deal with your pain, but they may not address the primary issue, which is spinal misalignment. When the medication wears off, the pain may continue and the muscle may seize again. The anticipation of pain as you move can actually make the same amount of nerve stimulation hurt even more. Thus, a chiropractic adjustment that reduces the nerve impingement and corrects the misalignment can help you move with an anticipation of improvement instead of pain.

Regaining Mobility and Building Strength
Getting help from the best chiropractor near me can do more than reduce your pain right now. Chronic back pain can damage your relations with family, your outlook on life and your physical strength. As you lose mobility, you can lose muscle strength.

Keeping your core strong can protect your spinal alignment. If you notice that your overall physical strength is reduced because even simple exercise, like taking a walk, is too painful to tolerate, seek out a chiropractor near LAX who can help you rebuild spinal strength with proper alignment.

Protect Your Spine and Emotions
When you hurt all the time, the joy in your life can wither. People may avoid you because you're cranky or depressed from back pain. As you get avoided, you may think yourself unworthy of care, love or friendship. Eventually, your life becomes a cage that is patrolled by your back pain. You can't get out, and nothing good can get in.

The skilled professionals at LAX chiropractic want to tear down that cage. By seeking out help from the best chiropractor near me, you can take control of your condition. Will the first round of treatments get you to full mobility? Probably not. However, with diligent work on their part and yours, you will notice small improvements over time. They may be able to refer you to a physical therapist that can help you restore your core strength and further protect your spine.

Chiropractic Care as Maintenance
For some, treatment for back pain can include regular maintenance check ups to make sure that your alignment is still strong. In some instances, conditions such as scoliosis can be monitored and spinal health maintained with a check-up every three months to make sure the condition isn't progressing.

During these checkups, you can discuss any issues you've had with pain, any limitations in flexibility, and recommendations for increases or changes in your activity. If you like to walk, your chiropractor may encourage you to use walking poles to get your upper body into the mix. Depending on your age, your chiropractor near LAX may be able to refer you to a Tai Chi or yoga class to help with flexibility, strength and balance. Once your spine is aligned, your world will open up!

Keep Your History Up to Date
If your chiropractor recommends a regular check-in to make sure you're staying in alignment, make sure you share any changes in activity as well as injuries. Your LAX chiropractic professional will likely take a detailed history during your first visit. As you return, make sure to add to that history.

Your chiropractic team can also help you track changes in your overall health. For example, if you start to develop headaches late in the day, your chiropractor will have suggestions on things like

  • your computer monitor height
  • your chair height and back support
  • your eyesight, if you've switched to bifocals
  • options for a standing desk to help you strengthen your core

Chiropractic care isn't just about getting rid of your backache. A properly aligned spinal column equals an unimpeded flow of nerve signals from your toes and fingertips to your brain. Everything in between can be put at risk by poor spinal alignment.

A Strong Partnership
As you age, your spinal column will change. You may lose bone density and you might suffer cartilage damage or suffer bulging discs, particularly in your low back. By working with your chiropractic professional on a regular check-up basis, you can inform them and they can work on these issues before they become chronic.

Your low back is the foundation of a strong body. If you struggle with low back pain, it can lead to a loss of mobility and a poor outlook on life. To move forward with little to no pain and build up your core strength to avoid further injury, make an appointment with a chiropractic professional and have an assessment. Be prepared for a slow recovery and gradual improvement. No matter how slow it feels, you can, with the help of a chiropractic professional, take control of your spinal health and the well-being of your central nervous system.

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