Hand, Wrist, Elbow Pain Management

When thinking of a chiropractor Westchester, many people often think of back and neck pain, but these medical professionals have the ability to aid with a range of conditions and injuries including those affecting the hand, wrist, and elbow. There are many different injuries and conditions affecting the elbow, wrist, and hand which can be explored and treated by our chiropractor Westchester patients have come to know and trust. Unlike many other medical professionals, a chiropractor will look for the root cause of the problems and find ways to ensure a high level of hand, elbow, and wrist pain relief Westchester that patients can experience.

Hand, Wrist, Elbow Pain

The Many Causes of Hand Pain
When you are suffering from pain in the hand, wrist and elbow, you are obviously going to explore the treatments designed to bring hand pain relief Westchester chiropractors can bring to your life. The modern, digital world we live in has changed the way we are using our hands, wrists, and elbows on a regular basis. One of the most common causes of pain throughout the arms and into the hands has been the development of video game controllers, mobile devices, and laptops. A relatively modern medical phenomenon is known as trigger finger, which can cause a large amount of hand pain. If you are looking for hand pain relief Westchester residents rely on, you should explore the options offered from our chiropractor Westchester offices.

The condition referred to as trigger finger has been known to be caused by the sheath around the tendon of the first finger being overused and becoming inflamed. There are many reasons why this is a problem and the need for hand pain relief Westchester patients are seeking can be found through a chiropractor. A chiropractor can do more than just help with the problem of hand pain relief as issues such as trapped nerves and broken bones are also commonly treated.

Tennis elbow and repetitive strain issues
Sports injuries are not limited to collisions and broken bones but the repetition of movements continues to cause problems requiring elbow tendinitis treatment Westchester. Often known as tennis elbow, tennis elbow is highlighted by the ongoing issue of the tendons in the elbow being inflamed and strained by the use of the same movements in the elbow. Although the condition commonly treated by our chiropractors is known as tennis elbow, it is not limited to tennis players but can affect people who play sports, such as golfers and baseball players.

In many cases, those who are diagnosed with tennis elbow are often shocked by the fact they are affected by this condition. Elbow tendinitis treatment Westchester patients seek out can be administered to people who are professionals in a range of different fields. The repetition of movements by carpenters, plumbers, and painters can often lead to tennis elbow which the use of manipulations, hot and cold therapies, and other treatments offered by our Westchester chiropractor can relieve pain for.

That is not to say our chiropractor will only help those who are struggling with tennis elbow--instead, a range of conditions and injuries to the elbow can be treated successfully. Patients who are commonly helped by our chiropractor can be affected by arthritis of the elbow and sprains or breaks to this part of the body.

Wrist pain takes many different forms
Overuse injuries are common in the 21st-century, with the issue of the carpal tunnel syndrome, which drives the need for wrist pain relief Westchester. The issue of carpal tunnel syndrome is driven by the continued, repetitive use of the wrist which causes the tunnel to narrow and place pressure on the main nerve running through the wrist. One of the main reasons for carpal tunnel syndrome becoming so widespread is the fact it affects the forearm and hand. Tingling and pain from the forearm to the fingers is the main symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome which leads to it being difficult to complete everyday tasks.

These are just a few of the elbow, wrist, and hand pain issues which can be helped by our Westchester chiropractor, who is an expert in these medical conditions. Our patients are put at ease by our team of trained, experienced medical professionals, who are available to help you find the cause and treat your pain issues.

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