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7th February
When Is Too Much Protein Bad for Your Health?

When Is Too Much Protein Bad for Your Health?

Protein powder is a great supplement for those hoping to gain weight or substitute their meals to lose a few pounds. The pandemic has brought on a new phase – or trend – involving its enriching benefits.

In 2020 alone, studies show a 31% increase of protein powder intake across the U.S. As people hop onto platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, they share how protein powder works best for their regimen.

The Appeal of a High Protein Diet

Protein powder is great, but it certainly comes with its limits. If you’re on a weight management journey with us at Advanced Spine chiropractic, it’s best to consult with a specialist about the impact it can have on you before beginning the process.

Weight loss is typically common immediately when you start a higher protein diet and cut down on your intake of carbs. It can also lower your cholesterol levels without the side effects of feeling hungry. The increase might also come with side effects from headaches to fatigue, and digestive issues.

Healthy Choices Matter

Be mindful of your intake while dieting. Try to create a wholesome balance between meals and shakes. Specialists would recommend that you avoid high saturated foods. Instead swap them out for lean proteins like chicken and fish. Fish primarily offers you health benefits (omega-3) that are great for heart health. If you want to opt for a vegetarian option, try tofu, beans, and nuts.

In the end, we hope that you walk away with several key takeaways:

  •         Exercise is necessary for optimal results
  •         Always keep track of your calorie intake
  •         Eat more lean proteins and complex carbs
  •         Less fatty meats and more veggies

At Advanced Spine, your health comes first. Press reset on your eating lifestyle, with these choices!