28th August
What is the Best Treatment for Scoliosis?

What is the Best Treatment for Scoliosis?


The spine determines your body posture. When it is not in its appropriate position, you will note a change in your posture. The normal spine in a healthy individual has two curves; one at the top near the shoulder and neck and the other at the lower back. A deviation of the spine from this normal position could imply that you have either scoliosis or kyphosis. When you suffer from either of the two, you make the best chiropractor near me search on your phone to look for ways to manage it.

What is scoliosis?
In simple terms, scoliosis refers to an abnormal curve in the spine. It could be curved into an S or C shape. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons state there is no identifiable cause for the condition in roughly 80% of the cases. However, known causes include genetic conditions, congenital disabilities, and neurological abnormalities.

A majority of the scoliosis cases reported are in children, while about 3% in adults. The condition develops gradually in severity as the child grows and needs intervention. Common symptoms present in both adults and children who have scoliosis include uneven shoulders and waist. Due to this unevenness, one shoulder blade and hip appear more projected than the other.

What is the best treatment for scoliosis?
According to a LAX chiropractic, the best treatment for your scoliosis will depend on a few factors. Two primary factors are your age and the severity of your scoliosis. Additional factors that a chiropractor near LAX will consider for scoliosis treatment is the type of scoliosis, how it appears, and the measurement of the curve in your back. This is why you should first make the best chiropractor near me search for the chiropractor to recommend the best treatment for you, depending on the mentioned factors.

It is important to note that scoliosis cannot be cured. Scoliosis treatment LAX involves several options that the LAX chiropractic might recommend, such as bracing, surgery, and observation. Scoliosis treatment LAX only alleviates the symptoms of the condition to make it easier to live with the condition.

For severe scoliosis, especially in adults, a chiropractor near LAX might recommend surgery as the best form of treatment. Spinal fusion is a common surgery for scoliosis that reduces the severity of the curvature to prevent the condition from worsening any further. When the condition becomes severe, it has complications such as difficulties in breathing because the lungs are compressed between the rib cage.

Spinal fusion involves restricting the movement of the spine using metal rods and two or more vertebrae. Just like all surgeries, spinal fusion can have complications such as infection, bleeding, and damage to the nerves and blood vessels. It is not recommended for adults with health complications such as diabetes because healing may be slow and lead to complications.

The best treatment for mild to moderate scoliosis, especially in children, is bracing. This is because bones in children are still growing. Once the growth is complete, the brace may be discontinued by the chiropractor. The brace prevents scoliosis from becoming severe and is usually worn like clothing throughout the day and night. The more hours the brace is worn, the more effective it will be in managing the symptoms of the condition.