2nd October
The Benefits of Touch Therapy for Cancer

The Benefits of Touch Therapy for Cancer


Millions of people worldwide have been diagnosed with cancer, and many die of the disease. Those diagnosed leave for a few years after diagnosis. When someone gets diagnosed with cancer, they go through numerous treatments to help stop cancer cells from spreading in the body. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplants, and radiation therapy are extremely powerful to the body.

As the cancer cells get eliminated from the body, the process also kills the normal cells essential for a healthy and functional body, leaving behind multiple symptoms and side effects, causing more pain and suffering. In this case, patients seek alternative massage therapy for back pain to ease physical and emotional pain after chemotherapy. Below are the benefits of touch therapy for cancer patients.

Pain Control
Pain can be a nightmare for cancer patients. They go through all manner of painful experiences after chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. However, they can get relief when they undergo massage therapy near LAX. In addition to immediate pain relief, the message is safe, reduces stiffness, and improves the patients’ mobility in the joints and muscles.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression
Some diseases come with mild anxiety and depression, but not like cancer. Cancer patients experience an anxious moment after diagnosis, during, and even after treatment. Therapeutic massages near LAX helps patients get a significant improvement.

The touch therapy boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, which help calm the nervous system and enhance other physical benefits to the patient’s body. Massage therapy for back pain is a wonderful way to curb tension both from the mind and body to those affected by cancer. With therapeutic massages near LAX, patients get a rub, knead, and a gentle pat on the skin to relax the muscles and reduce stress.

Boosts Appetite
Cancer patients lose appetite leading to weight loss and muscle loss, which results in malnutrition and affects their general health. It’s because some feel anxious, depressed, body pain, changes in taste, and lack of activity. Such cases can be dealt with a chiropractor near LAX to conduct an abdominal massage that relieves patients from digestive problems and constipation and restores their appetite.

Fatigue Relief
Massages near LAX helps patients get relaxed and restful, improving their general health. Patients also enjoy improved sleep, energy boost, and can manage to go for exercise, which helps them go about their day-to-day life.

Lymphedema is a common occurrence for people who have breast cancer. After treatment, patients can experience lymph fluid build-up with excessive pain and swelling of the legs and arms. Patients can get relief with a massage therapy near LAX where the fluids get drained. 

There is a vast difference between what oncology does as compared to a chiropractor near LAX. A massage near LAX has an in-depth knowledge of handling the patient’s body, mind, and spirit. They’ve attended several patients using unique techniques ranging from a short massage on some parts of the body, a distinctive touch, or frequent massages.

The best moments of cancer patients are when they get massages to help relieve them from the painful experiences in the entire treatment journey. They can try massages near LAX for a better feeling and release the painful moments that come with cancer.