10th September
Sports Injuries Could Soar after COVID-19

Sports Injuries Could Soar after COVID-19


The benefits of taking part in organized sports are well known to parents and adults who understand the physical and mental benefits of organized sporting activities. Children’s Mercy Kansas City reports that in the era of COVID-19, organized sporting activities can provide a link to the normal life many of our children and adults are unable to take part in. When you are returning to the pitch with an organized sport or looking to return to the gym, you should contact a sports doctor near LAX.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, former USWNT player, Christie Pearce Rampone, explained her fears that the pandemic would lead to a rash of sports injuries. Although she is currently campaigning about concussion awareness in sports, Rampone believes the use of an LAX sports injury doctor could be vital as players return to the field of play. The former soccer star revealed her belief that many young people would expect to return to the field without preparing their bodies in the right way. If players are thrown directly into the field of play without the necessary preparation, we have the chance to see experts in sports medicine for athletes near LAX become very busy.

Returning to the field of play can be a tough ask for everybody from professional athletes to children who have been in isolation for a number of months. You will usually need to create a dedicated plan for returning to the field of play. Our chiropractor near LAX will assist with your return to play, but Science Daily suggests you should seek a complete sports examination before playing or starting practice.

The return to play of any athlete who has been affected personally by COVID-19 should be monitored with the help of an expert in sports medicine near LAX. Sports Injury Bulletin reports even healthy individuals who have been affected by COVID-19 have been reported to have reduced lung capacity of up to 30 percent. An LAX sports injury doctor should be on hand to make sure every athlete is returning to play safely should keep a close eye on those who have problems with COVID-19.

Sports medicine for athletes near LAX could find themselves being very busy in the post-COVID-19 era. This is because studies from the University of Bath have looked at how the previous cases of lockouts and strikes have affected the health of athletes. Boston Children’s Hospital explains any sports doctor near LAX can expect to see overuse injuries at a high level over the coming months. The report from the University of Bath revealed much more with experts in sports medicine near LAX expecting a rise in the number of Achilles tendon injuries following the return to play of athletes of all ages.