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25th June
Incredibly Popular PRP Treatment Can Also Cure Hair Loss

Incredibly Popular PRP Treatment Can Also Cure Hair Loss

Did you know that PRP injections also have a cosmetic benefit? It can treat acne, scars, skin conditions and cure hair loss. Losing hair can affect men and women alike over the years, but PRP injections might make a difference. Outside of elite chiropractic care, dermatologists are also utilizing this procedure to accelerate scalp healing. Research is still in its early stages, but many believe this treatment could be promising.

PRP Therapy for Chiropractic Care vs. Cosmetic Enhancement
The process behind our LAX PRP injections is similar to cosmetic enhancements. In the office, we draw our patient’s blood and put it into a centrifuge. It separates red blood cells from the plasma. Once done, the enriched plasma gets injected back into the patient at the localized point of injury. It contains proteins that work to clot the blood and regenerate cell growth.

Instead of the plasma getting injected into a painful, swollen joint, the treatment goes directly into a person’s damaged hair follicles. Although short, it may cause minimal discomfort. But, after the first three months, most people notice less hair loss and more growth.

Keep in mind the FDA has approved PRP injections for chiropractic care. But it hasn’t for skin and hair procedures.

What To Know If You Want to Try Cosmetic PRP?
Studies have indicated those with hereditary hair loss or patterns of baldness can regrow hair after PRP injections. According to the National Institute of Health, four injections created better hair density and thickness in participants. There were fuller results compared to two injections over six months. It helps “fertilize” hair follicles to help what doctors refer to as “lazy hair.” In other words, patients may not see improvement in areas with very little.

High success rates confirm that the procedure has extraordinary benefits for common types of hair loss like androgenetic alopecia. Dermatologists are still testing if it carries the same success rate for autoimmune hair loss.

Do PRP Injections Work?
When it comes to forms of alopecia, PRP isn’t going to be a perfect solution, but it can help. At Advanced Spine, we don’t offer this type of treatment, but we do offer a wide range of other rehabilitative therapies for:

  • Tendon injuries – bands of tissue that connect bone to muscle.
  • Acute injury – sports injuries like a pulled hamstring or knee sprain.
  • Postsurgical treatments – torn tendons like a rotator cuff or ACL
  • Osteoarthritis – a painful condition that affects the knee.

The PRP injections offered at our LAX chiropractic center will get you back on your feet in no time! They are very safe, simple treatments with immediate pain relief.