21st March
How Technology is Used in Physical Therapy

How Technology is Used in Physical Therapy

Technology is becoming more of an integral part of our day to day lives, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the healthcare space. Healthcare providers are increasingly relying on innovation to provide their patients with the best care possible. In fact, studies have shown that physical therapists are taking advantage of cutting-edge technology like direct access to physical therapy and improved robotic technology to help improve overall patient care. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the role technology plays in physical therapy and why so many providers continue to embrace it.


There is no denying that research plays a critical in all aspects of healthcare. Providers routinely rely on patient records and other data to diagnose and ultimately come up with the best course of treatment for their patients. Technology helps to streamline this process, which represents a win-win for the provider and the patient. To further put this into context, recent innovations involving sensor-equipped suits are allowing physicians to gauge how well stroke victims are recovering after receiving treatment. This new technology eliminates the need for tracking the patient’s movements in a clinical setting and saves them from having to commute back and forth since physicians are capable of monitoring their recovery remotely.


Based on new technology, developers have created video games where patients are required to perform rehabilitation exercises to earn points. These video game-based exercises are designed to mirror those performed during a traditional physical therapy treatment session. However, the video game aspect is used to keep the patient engaged and committed to successfully getting through each therapy session. More importantly, these video games play a critical role in helping patients achieve greater mobility over time.


Like other technological advancements, robotic recovery is making its way into physical therapy. To further illustrate this point, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology recently designed a robotic harness aimed at helping severely disabled individuals learn how to walk again. That said, this is merely a glimpse into what is possible relative to robotics and physical therapy, especially since new innovations are becoming so commonplace. It’s worth noting that new technology is also playing a critical role in chiropractic care as well. Studies have shown that more chiropractors are using advanced instruments and computer software to make adjustments to their patient’s spine and extremities. This is especially true of chiropractor Westchester practices.