31st July

How Do I Get Instant Relief From Carpal Tunnel?


Conditions that affect nerves can result in problems such as pain or tingling sensations. Nerves are sensitive structures in the body; slight damage can affect the organ the nerve innervates. This is the case with carpal tunnel syndrome. When you have a condition such as carpal tunnel, you should call our chiropractor near LAX or experience massages near LAX that prove beneficial.

What is Carpal Tunnel?
Carpal tunnel is a syndrome that affects the median nerve within the carpal tunnel in your wrist. The carpal tunnel resembles a narrow pathway or tunnel that begins at the wrist and ends at the palm side of your hand. The tunnel is made up of ligaments, tendons and bones. In the carpal tunnel, the median nerve is pinched or compressed, causing symptoms such as pain, tingling sensations, numbness, and swelling. You will notice the symptoms around the first three fingers and the thumb. The syndrome affects about four out of ten million Americans.

The condition can be mild or severe. It can be caused by medications, inflammatory conditions like arthritis, retention of fluid within the carpal tunnel, obesity, and activities such as manual labor, typing, and playing musical instruments.

How to get instant relief from the syndrome.
Relief from carpal tunnel can be achieved through medications or home remedies. A combination of both is, however, necessary for effective relief of symptoms. You can also get a massage therapy near LAX for a carpal tunnel that can help you stretch the wrist. Therapeutic massages near LAX for carpal tunnel do not necessarily need a recommendation from your doctor; you can avail yourself for massage when you feel symptoms are severe.

Some medications prescribed along with therapeutic massages near LAX include:

  1. Corticosteroid injections.

Corticosteroid injections straight into the carpal tunnel can help relieve pain and swelling of the syndrome. An ultrasound can be used to guide your doctor in making the injections.

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

These are a class of drugs that relieve inflammation and pain. Massages near LAX are often recommended together with NSAIDs for effective relief of symptoms of the syndrome. The most commonly used NSAID is ibuprofen, it can be prescribed or over the counter.

Some of the remedies for carpal tunnel relief include:

  1. Limiting movement of your wrist.
  1. Frequently wearing hand warmers or fingerless gloves to help you stay warm. This can help reduce the stiffness of the wrist and pain.
  1. Avoid sleeping on the hand with the affected wrist.
  1. Try some yoga stretches that can make the wrist flexible. Yoga can be very effective when accompanied by a therapeutic massage near LAX.
  1. Keep the affected hand elevated when possible.
  1. Wear wrist braces. These braces are only suitable when the syndrome is mild to moderate. Similar to massages near LAX, these braces lack any side effects. Other than lacking side effects, massage therapy near LAX is also affordable.
  1. You can also soak your wrist in an ice bath for approximately 15 minutes in every hour.
  1. Wear work gloves that can keep your wrist safe from injury.