29th January
Can Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Make You Taller?

Can Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Make You Taller?


If you notice that you lack in the height department, you may be researching ways to make yourself appear taller. One topic that is always in discussion is whether or not a chiropractor near LAX can actually make you taller. We’re going to address the relationship between your spine and height so that you can finally get the truth behind whether or not spinal decompression near LAX will make you appear taller.

The Rule Spinal Decompression Plays In Height

You may have heard from a spinal decompression chiropractor near LAX that NASA noted that astronauts grew about three percent taller while they were in space. This was thought to be due to the lack of gravitational pull on the vertebrae. When there is no gravitational pull, the vertebrae of the body are able to relax and expand.

When it comes to handling height on earth, any chiropractor near LAX can reveal that you actually change height throughout a normal day. You’ll be the tallest when you wake up in the morning. Throughout the day, the constant pressure of being upright will compress your spinal vertebrae. This can lead to up to a centimeter of height loss in an average day. If you are feeling back pain, it’s likely because there is too much gravitational force on your body throughout the day.

Does Spinal Decompression Really Make You Taller?

Spinal decompression near LAX is one of the best treatments to help alleviate this gravitation force and feeling back pain. This back pain treatment near LAX actually allows the spinal vertebrae to relax and lengthen. This provides a somewhat similar effect as sleeping for an entire night.

Spinal decompression chiropractor near LAX is a great practice to undergo as a back pain treatment near LAX. It’s not intended to help one grow in length. While a person suffering from chronically compressed discs or even herniated discs can easily enjoy a slight lengthening of their spine, it’s not by much. You may expect to grow about a centimeter at the maximum.

What Are The Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Therapy?

While a slight increase in your height can result from spinal decompression therapy, it provides a lot of other benefits to your body. It works by providing negative pressure in the area around the spinal discs. This allows the vertebrae to relax and lengthen. Some widely known benefits of spinal decompression therapy include:

  • Alleviate Painful Nerve Compression
  • Increase Range Of Motion / Flexibility
  • Replenish Nutrients, Oxygen, and Fluids To The Spinal Region

Most chiropractors you visit will have spinal decompression therapy as part of their treatment package. This is typically performed on a decompression table. The process can be done manually by the chiropractor or with an automated machine. The machine allows your treating physician to set different weights for various patients. This provides a more accurate level of force than manual decompression techniques. If you think that you can benefit from spinal decompression, it’s time to visit your local chiropractor.