3rd September
Can A Chiropractor Help With Spinal Stenosis?

Can A Chiropractor Help With Spinal Stenosis?


Conditions that affect your spine are among the most disabling conditions. Your spine plays a crucial role in ensuring that your body can carry out functions such as walking and holding objects. It also determines your posture and contributes to sensation. This is because the spine has vertebrae that enclose nerves that innervate different parts of the body. When the nerves in a particular segment of your spine are affected through compression, you may experience pain and conditions like spinal stenosis. The nerves get compressed when your vertebral discs degenerate, herniate, or are affected in one way or another.

What is Spinal Stenosis?
You can define this condition from its two terms. Spinal is anything affecting the spine, while stenosis is a term used to describe the narrowing of any passageway in your body. Therefore, a chiropractor near LAX would describe spinal stenosis as the narrowing of the cavity between the vertebral discs. When the cavity becomes narrow, your nerves will get compressed, and this leads to pain.

The definite symptoms of spinal stenosis will depend on the segment of the spine affected. There are five segments; the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal segments. Spinal stenosis mostly affects two segments of the five, the cervical and the lumbar. Common symptoms of spinal stenosis are numbness or tingling sensations and pain. Other symptoms will be unique to the segment affected. For example, if you have lumbar spinal stenosis, your feet will become weak and cramp.

On the other hand, in cervical stenosis, your hands become weak and cramp. When you have spinal stenosis in your cervical or lumbar segment, the space within the vertebral discs in the segment becomes narrow. Lumbar spinal stenosis is more common in older adults because age is a risk factor.

Westchester chiropractic has identified common causes of spinal stenosis to be a herniation of the vertebral discs and injuries to the spine that cause fractures or dislocations of the vertebral discs. Other causes that our chiropractor near LAX may give are tumors, thick ligaments, and extreme growth in bones.

Can a chiropractor help with spinal stenosis?
Yes, a chiropractor can help with spinal stenosis if you have the condition. You can find a chiropractor for spinal stenosis treatment by making a “best chiropractor near me search” on your phone, tablet, or laptop. However, why make a “best chiropractor near me search” when you can visit Westchester chiropractic or LAX chiropractic? Chiropractic care in the LAX area is of quality level and will ensure that you see an improvement in your condition.

Chiropractic care in the LAX area manages your spinal stenosis by addressing the causes of the condition and making chiropractic spinal adjustments. Also, the treatment incorporates strengthening exercises and stretches. LAX chiropractic treatment is safe because it is not an invasive procedure; you will, therefore, not develop complications or side effects as a result of treatment. This is common with procedures like surgery. To make the spinal stenosis treatment more effective, a chiropractor near LAX may recommend other treatments like pain killer drugs and massage therapy.