10th December
How might a hormone aid weight loss in obesity?

How might a hormone aid weight loss in obesity?


Weight loss is something that many people seek following the holiday season and preceding a beach vacation. However, for those who are obese, weight loss can seem like a faraway goal. Fortunately, with new medical research performed on both monkeys and humans, medical experts may have just found the component obese people need to lose weight successfully.

It’s called lipocalin-2 or LCN2 for short. This is a specific hormone that regulates how a person feels after eating a meal. LCN2 has been successfully used to assist obese humans in feeling full after eating smaller meals. Any chiropractor near LAX can explain to you the significance of this research.

The Results Are In

In the past, LCN2 has been used on mice. They received this hormone over a lengthy period of time. It has been shown to successfully reduce their overall appetite, enhance their metabolism, and boost their energy expenditure. Following these changes, there was a massive decrease in the body weight of the mice.

More recently, scientists have shared their research on LCN2 and monkeys with readers of the eLife Journal. LCN2 was shown to have similar effects on monkeys as it did on mice in the initial study. Those who are looking for  simple weight management near LAX are in luck. It’s been correlated that LCN2 could have similar side effects on humans who are obese and overweight.

A Closer Look At Obesity

LAX weight loss methods like this are typically sought out by individuals who are classified as obese. According to WHO, there are over 2.8 million people that pass away each year due to the conditions of being overweight and obese. Apart from this alarming statistic, there are many other conditions that are associated with obesity. These include:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Coronary Heart Disease

Every weight loss management near LAX program will use the same body mass index thresholds to classify people as overweight or obese. Those that have a BMI of 25 to 29 percent are classified as being overweight. Your chiropractor near LAX will classify you as being obese if you have a BMI of 30 or above.

Understanding Obesity

The reason that there are so many weight management near LAX programs is that doctors don’t have a particularly clear understanding of the body’s mechanisms that maintain obese conditions. The balance between energy use, energy intake, and a person’s weight is not overly clear in obese individuals. Put simply, every person is different from the next.

Not everybody responds to the same stimuli. For example, those who have undergone LAX weight loss ended up slowing down their metabolism, which is a reactionary measure by their body as a response to the weight loss. This ultimately resulted in weight gain over the future months. 

It’s thought that using LCN2 can allow the body to stop craving more food. While every person’s response to the weight loss will be very different from the next person’s, LCN2 should provide a generally successful approach to dropping weight. Expect to see this hormone marketed as a weight loss management near LAX practice in the near future.