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6th May
Acupuncture to Combat Sinuses? We Highly Recommend

Acupuncture to Combat Sinuses? We Highly Recommend

Acupuncture is an older, traditional Chinese practice that has been adapted to modern Western medicine. It primarily treats pain, fights off infections, and of course, provides a natural balance (homeostasis) in your body. But what about sinuses? If you are looking for a holistic way to reduce facial pain and resolve rhinitis, turn to our acupuncture therapy near LAX.

When your nasal passages are clogged, we understand how annoying that can be. Nearly 30 million Americans in the U.S. alone are impacted by related pain, facial pressure, congestion, and sinus infections according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Unlike normal medical conditions, it seldom goes away within a week without intervention.

The sinuses are connected to four different locations: 

  • Forehead
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Cheeks

Naturally, sinuses help keep irritants out. But, when faced with irritants and pollutants like dust, pollen, and smoke, it can cause polyps and blockages to form. If you have undergone other medical treatments, taken over-the-counter decongestants, or antihistamines for short-term relief, acupuncture can provide a more natural solution to help combat the issue at hand. In fact, in a 2015 study released on the National Library of Medicine, researchers found that acupuncture had advantages over antihistamines.

How Acupuncturists Target the Sinuses

The acupuncture therapy at Advanced Spine is an adaption to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in which we help release the flow of energy (qi) in your face and body. Thin needles will be inserted into your skin to stimulate certain points based on the sinus issues you are experiencing. After one session you may see a significant improvement. An acupuncturist is well-versed in what access points will relieve symptoms directly, such as:

  • Bitong (EM7)
  • Yingxiang (LI20)
  • Juliao (ST3)
  • Shangxing (GV23)
  • Zanzhu (BI2)

Allergy season, a problem for most Americans during warm-weather months, can block up nasal passages and stifle your breathing. All acupuncture points promote local qi and blood circulation around the nose, and forehead to treat allergic rhinitis. This form of sinus inflammation is when your immune system responds to allergens that cause symptoms like congestion, runny nose, and postnasal drip. None of which are fun.

Thinking of Acupuncture in LAX?

If you are considering a natural approach to combating sinuses, it is best to go to a qualified acupuncturist, not a certified acupuncturist. Certified acupuncturists may be a doctor, dentist, or similar medical professional. Instead, you should find a specialist with ample training and high success rates among patients. Before making an appointment you should consider the following:

  • If the acupuncturist has treated sinuses before
  • How long the treatment will take (including the number of appointments)
  • If the LAX chiropractic accepts insurance or payment program

When performed by a specialist, acupuncture is a safe, relaxing procedure. When you schedule an appointment with your local chiropractic, they will discuss if it is the right option for you. Patients that have a pacemaker, take blood thinners, or are pregnant should refrain from treatment unless directed by their physician.