17th September
5 Reasons to Undergo Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

5 Reasons to Undergo Physical Therapy After a Car Accident


Being involved in a car accident can be traumatic. Physical, financial, and emotional aspects of your life might be affected. The most prevalent type of injury after an automobile accident is the whiplash, which is as a result of the neck extending way beyond its range of motion. In the case of whiplash, you may show symptoms, which include:

  • Persistent migraines
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Occasional blurred vision
  • Pain and stiffness in the head, neck, and shoulder

Notably, you might not show the symptoms immediately after the accident. Therefore, to prevent any long-term implications, it would be best to seek physical therapy near LAX. Here are five reasons why you need to pay a visit to physical therapists near LAX.

  1. Alleviating Pain
    Physical pain is quite common after an accident in varying degrees. While a doctor may recommend pain killers, they come with challenges, such as addiction. Besides, you might experience difficulties while doing some tasks, such as operating machinery, after taking certain medications.On the other hand, bed rest might not offer a quick solution. Therefore, seeking physical therapy for auto accidents near LAX would be the best option.
  2. Avoiding Surgery
    Serious car accidents might necessitate the need for surgery right away. However, with the help of a chiropractor near LAX, you might help you avoid surgery. The chiropractor near LAX can perform chiropractic adjustments, slowing down the deterioration of joints and ligaments. Physical therapy, on the other hand, supports healthy muscle tissue. It would be best to seek therapy as soon as possible to reduce the chances of surgery. Besides, physical therapists near LAX will charge you less compared to surgery.
  3. Restoring Physical Capabilities
    After a car accident, you might experience some limitations in physical mobility. In some cases, these limitations might not manifest until years later. Nonetheless, through physical therapy for auto accidents near LAX, you can restore these physical capabilities.“What techniques will the best physical therapists near me use?” You might be curious. The therapist will guide you through various training exercises, tailored uniquely for your needs, to help you bounce back. Every exercise has a specific purpose, all aimed at getting you back on your everyday lifestyle.
  4. Mitigating Long-Term Damage
    While some symptoms are noticeable soon after the accident, others might not be. While physical therapy can help alleviate instant paint, it goes a long way in preventing long-term effects, such as chronic pain. By seeking physical therapy near LAX soon enough, you are more likely to go back to a pain-free life.
  5. Faster Recovery Process
    You could be longing to go back to your everyday life. Visits to a chiropractor near LAX, paired with physical therapy, could speed up the recovery process. Besides, chiropractic care treats the root of the problem, preventing recurrent problems in the future.“Will the best physical therapists near me use invasive techniques?” No. Physical therapy is non-invasive and safe. To get the best out of physical therapy, be sure to attend all sessions. Since physical therapy is a process, you might feel discouraged on some days. However, follow it through to avoid delaying your recovery.